My dear, beloved cheaters:

I wish to make something very clear to you:

A guildie of ours was hacked this week. Her character was stripped naked, robbed, and left to die on a lowbie map (but not until the hacker /gquit). She had only recently discovered Heroics, and doesn’t have a lot of time to play. Every piece of gear she owned was earned and fought for and incredibly precious because of how little time she can spend playing a game she loves.

You stole that from her. You did that to her. You.

Before leaving her naked and guildless, the hacker took advantage of our guild’s structure which allows unlimited item withdrawals from our 6 tab GB because whatever other problems our guild may have, we trust every member of it. The gear, the crafting mats, the gems, the enchants, the recipes, the consumables…these things were in there because someone found it or made it and thought: “Hey! I bet a guildie could use this. Instead of selling it for epic Gs, I will donate it to the GB in keeping with the spirit of collaboration and generosity the guild was founded on.”

What were you thinking when you stole it all from us by paying a stranger to play this game for you? Were you thinking it would just be easier, faster than leveling yourself? Than running dailies for a week or two? Than farming mats for the AH? Is that what you were thinking?

I’m glad the years our guild has spent building ourselves up and filling every tab of that GB with something meant to help our members with leveling and raiding and professions was able to save an hour of effort on your part.

You robbed our guild bank. You stole, disenchanted, and sold all of our shit when you gave those fuckers your credit card number. You.

Here is what I want you to understand: the gold you are purchasing is not earned by the person you’re buying it from. It’s stolen from the people you’re playing this game with. Your PuGs, and your guild, and your friends list. When you purchase leveling or honour services, you are handing your username and password over to the same people who are eventually going to rob you of all your gold to sell it back to people like you. They’ll rob your guild, too. Sometimes they delete your character.

You have turned gold farming and account hacking into a profitable business by trading real world money for in-game services. You are the reason they hack and steal and ruin the game for the rest of us.

You hack and steal and ruin the game for the rest of us. Not some guy at a computer in Korea.


Do us all a favour and suspend your account. The rest of us are actually trying to play a game here – you’re just paying someone to steal the results of our work, spam the trade with their adverts using our characters and get us suspended or worse, delete the characters outright, and destroy everything we’ve been working to accomplish since we started playing the game. And all so you don’t have to actually play the game you’re paying $15 a month to play?

I fucking hate snakes and ladders, but I don’t pay someone else to play it for me. I just quit the fucking game.

I’m glad you can afford that mammoth, though. I hope it was worth destroying my guildie’s hard-earned progress, to say nothing of her week as she works with Blizzard to figure everything out, and punishing my entire guild for the sake of your greed.

You are a contemptible wretch.

Love and kisses,