So…at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am having oodles of fun with the folks in Single Abstract Noun. And oodles is not a word I use lightly. It is a very serious word used only for srs bzness.

But I can think of no other way to quantify my enjoyment, except in oodles.

Which is strange, because, honestly, I haven’t been doing much that I would normally count as WoW-based fun. I haven’t really been questing. My poor little Poivre (SAN-EU) had almost six hours of playtime on her and she is a mere level 10.

Level. 10.

After six hours.

I, my good fellows, am a professional alt-farmer. Lowbie maps are autopilot. Elwynn’s an hour-long romp. The…the…Bois des chants eternals. Fuck, I forgot the English name. Anyway, the BE start lands? Little more than Breakfast.

But here I am, six hours in, and I finally dinged 10. I have quests scattered all over the map, instead of neat little clusters, artfully picked up to ensure the most effective, efficient questing possible.

And her professions? Don’t even get me started! I’m at eleven Jewelcrafting. It’s pathetic! I should be rushing to buy my next level now that I’m level 10. Except I can’t. Because I’m only at eleven.

I spent almost an hour killing trees I had no quest for, because they were there and on some level the small part of my brain that was actually trying to, you know, play understood it needed to kill things. And, hey look, some trees.

I ran in circles, back and forth, in Silvermoon. Not watching where I was going. It took me fifteen minutes to get out of the city.

I NUM-locked off a cliff and didn’t notice I’d died for, oh, a whole two minutes.

So, I can hear you’re asking (unless you’re actually in the guild, in which case you’ve probably already guessed), given all of that…what, exactly, was I doing that was so much fun?

I was chatting.

Blissfully, blindly chatting.

Everyone was so…pleasant and happy. I was afraid to look away from the chat because when we weren’t all gratsing, welcoming, helloing, and goodbying each other, somebody was probably saying something witty, or funny, or insightful, or spot on. I’m normally one of the quiet people in a chat channel – answering questions, and gratsing, but not much more beyond that. But I couldn’t shut up last night (this may not be a good thing, LoL).

And it was the same on both sides of the ocean. Because of my recent aventures en Français I actually, happily happen to have two accounts – one for the EU, and one for the US. So I have greedily enlisted in both guilds, and am pleased to report that the mood is just as positive and welcoming on either side.

You will note, Aesiri, my little Draenei warrior is all of level 7 after a few hours of play. All the same problems trying to get anything done with her as I had with Poivre.

It’s just impossible.

But it’s so much fun.

Also, oh my God there are some smart, incredible bloggers on there! Tam and Chas of course. Miss Medicina, Larisa, and far more than that, including some I only stumbled across by joining the guild.

I have been hastily trying to add everyone I’ve been online with my feedreader, but there are so many people it’s hard to keep track of! Trying to map online identities to the right blogs to the right mains to the right alts is proving to be the hardest part of the whole thing, but I am determined to figure it out.

If you happen to be a member, or are thinking you might join, feel free to look us up:


Protflashes – Poivre


Protflashes – Aesiri, Xariah
layteknight – Ammavaru
SaveTheFails – Syrtis

I don’t have anything witty or insightful to end the post on, but I wanted to say thank you to the folks who set it all up, and to all the people who’ve been so happy and pleasant and fun to talk to. It’s been a long time since I had such a good time on WoW – in fact, I can’t remember ever having enjoyed /g as much as I have the last few days.

You guys are peaches (and a Kumquat).