I have what is actually a very srs bzness post on my USB key which I will post shortly, but I am a little hyperactive right now because of Single Abstract Noun – a blogging community guild with both US and EU chapters.

I’ve already joined the EU chapter on my French account (triply glad I decided to learn French now! :D) and intend to join the US one tonight once I pick an alt to transfer.

Please note that you don’t have to have a blog to join – just have to enjoy them. I was only on for about ten minutes last night but I’ve never seen such a happy, chatty group. It was awesome! And I’m not even on that side of the ocean!

Each chapter is on the Argent Dawn server on the applicable continent. I believe you can whisper any member for an invite, and I hope you do!

For info on the concept as a whole, as well as on the EU Chapter visit Righteous Orbs.

For the US Chapter visit Miss Medicina.

Looking forward to playing with you in game!