The Tank…
…is having a heart attack.

More than 60% of the 2.5-servers-worth of characters played by Protflashes are specced for tanking. If there was ever a career tank, it would be her. She has raid-tanked as Warrior and Paladin, instance-tanked as Druid and Death Knight, and back-seat-tanked as just about everything else.

MT, OT, here thar be taunts.

And yelling.

Lots of yelling.

The Healer…
…is saving fails from the mobs, the fire, and themselves.

Savethefails has always enjoyed being the last line of defense on any team — and WoW is no different.  Though he has yet to play a high-level Priest, he’s managed to fool around with everything else.

The DPS…
…is on the right target.

Class after class, spec after spec, layteknight is forever a faithful participant in The Soulless Race.  Do not be fooled, however – epeen pageantry does not rule here.