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We’ve moved! Massive thanks to everyone who commented and gave us feedback on the various hosting options available to us! In the end we’ve decided to go with a self-hosted option – please update your feed readers, links, blogrolls, favourites lists, or however it is you find and read us to All new posts will now be posted there. :)

We should be back to our regular posting schedule shortly. :D


So after much discussion, we’re considering switching from WordPress over to Blogger or Blogspot or whatever it’s called. The Google one. layteknight is a designer/coder type person, and the fact that she can’t mod certain pieces of the WordPress themes is driving her insane – plus, she has informed me that my “10,000 word posts” require a wider layout than WordPress can offer without making her whine and writhe and point at things on the screen she hates, but WordPress won’t let her touch.

I remain hesitatant because I have no idea what shifting addresses does to a blog. Has anyone out there ever done this before? Any advice? Any thoughts? Any way to either minimize layteknight’s pain here, or my pain if we move?

I suppose I should probably talk to savethefails too. I guess he kind of has a stake in this, eh?

To: Any readers, bloggers, PuGgers, tanks, deeps, healz, guildies, friends, and maybe even the people on our ignore list;

Happy new year!

See you in 2010. ^^


The Aggro Management Crew
(Protflashes, layteknight, and SaveTheFails)