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I am made of fail at commenting the last couple weeks – even at responding to comments on my own blog! I’ll get around to it at some point this week hopefully.

This isn’t helped by the fact that with the addition of SAN into my feed reader…well…let’s just say I’m keeping up, but barely. But there’s something deeply satisfying in knowing almost every time I refresh Google reader there’ll be something new, insightful, thought-provoking, amusing, and unfailingly entertaining.

On the upside, I discovered the “Star this post” option in Google reader a while back and have happily been starring away at posts I truly intend to comment on, but never get around to it. In lieu of said comments (which may yet materialize! I haven’t given up completely!), here’s a sampling of the posts I’ve starred (note: some of these may be older, but they’re still wonderful posts and definitely worth a read):

  • Expert Opinion on how to improve World of Warcraft – /agree completely
  • Don’t-Quit-Your-Day-Job Holy Paladin PvP – PvP, like RP, remains an aspect of the game I am completely unfamiliar with, but occasionally fascinated by. A very common sense set of tips from a PvE healadin on the basic brain-shifts required for PvP.
  • Sing, Azerothian Muse and A Whole New World – both starred for the intriguing insights into the differences between the Alliance and the Horde and what it means/feels like to be a member of either.
  • Tamadin – a painfully amusing look at the pally as a tank, from the perspective of the healer playing it.
  • Battling the Burnout – another look at burnout in WoW. In particular I find the idea of a burnout cycle, and the potential of being stuck in one forever, interesting.
  • Don’t go wasting your emotion – another Righteous Orbs post that hits dangerously close to home. Did a bit of a double-take and took a closer look at my own reactions to things after reading it.
  • Can someone offer the LK a lozenge? – because I’ve had this same issue on more than one boss, and though I doubt I’ll ever see the LK I am disappointed in advance. He’s the final bad guy, not just of this expansion but of the game to date! Crank it up a bit, Blizz!
  • If Thrall and Jaina Made a Baby – because Thrall and Jaina are totally making a baby.
  • Of WoW and languages – there are apparently a LOT of different languages in SAN-EU, and we’ve had some intriguing discussions in the forums and guild chat about linguistics.
  • There’s a better way – think before you comment. A very measured post regarding tone.
  • Purple-side Maraudon – this post is made of too much win.


So, I’m still slowly making my way around the Warcraft blogosphere, and my RSS feeder is working its way toward unwieldy. But I’ve found a couple posts (some of them old and 90% of the internet has probably read them already, but meh. They’re worth a reread if you’ve seen them before) that really hit a nerve or got me thinking.

Intriguing reading all around.

OMG, we got linked!

It’s kind of like getting punked, but better.

I’m slowly working my way through the WoW Blogosphere, wondering all the while if I’ve been living under a rock or something for not knowing it existed, and I have to say I’m impressed and just a little intimidated by how, er…expansive it is. I feel kind of like a kid by 10 AM on Christmas morning, cracked out on sugar and presents and spiralling downward into a pleasure-overload-induced coma. I’ve been link jumping all over the internet, without any kind of coherency, and I’ve already lost track of some of the blogs I wanted to read (mental note: mental notes are not as effective as actually bookmarking sites).

BUT THEN I discovered RSS feeds (because, apparently, I have been living under a rock. Welcome to the internet, Protflashes, with its many shinies). I have always known of RSS feeds. I could recognize the little orange logo for them. I understood, on a completely theoretical basis, that they were meant to make your life easier. But I never really understood how until, daunted by the massive task of trying to read archives on too many blogs at once and track which posts I liked and wanted to comment on and still, somehow, keep up with the main page, I finally gave up and looked the damned thing up.

And now I have an app on my iPhone that tracks all these lovely blogs for me and tells me when they’re updated and lets me bookmark and favourite and check back so much easier than using my tiny safari browser on my phone (90% of warcraft blogs being blocked from my work network, of course) to try to see if any of a dozen pages are updated.

So, having done that, and feeling surprised and humbled and tickled pink that someone actually took the time to link to our blog and say such nice things (especially when we’re not even a month old!), I thought it might be appropriate to do the same, even though we have approximately two readers, at least one of which was probably looking for something else.

So! Let’s start with The View Through the Branches, which is a blog by Soph (I do hope I got the name right!), who seems to be a very lovely tree (among other classes!), if I am to judge him (her?) solely by the blog posts I have read so far. Some of my favourites:

  • A Topic! Any Topic! For me, A Guild Topic!
    • This is the first post I’ve actually commented on in my roving around the blogosphere. As part of a meme started on Righteous Orbs, Soph was given the task of writing about what advice he would give to people searching for a guild and situating themselves in a guild, based, in part, on his own recent experiences. I found it a very heartfelt, honest, and balanced response to the question, and the advice he gives really hit home for me.
  • Vanity Pets: Quick Collection Guide
    • A very helpful guide to collecting a wide variety of vanity pets. I don’t hunt these down actively, though on the off chance there’s a pet somewhere that I feel would be particularly appropriate, I have been known to take great pains to obtain it, and I will be bookmarking this guide for just such an occasion in the future!
  • General Reputation Guide
    • Like the above link, only for reputations – including Vanilla WoW! A very nice, very helpful guide to how, in general, to raise your rep with a given faction. Delightfully concise descriptions, and helpful links to back them up.

And that’s about as far back as I’ve gotten to date, but I’m still working on it!

Next on my list is Righteous Orbs, which is the first WoW blog I started reading, not that long ago. I more or less devoured the archives and have now begun working my way through their blog roll. I don’t think I could actually pick favourite posts, here. Both of the posters (Tamarind and Chastity) have delightful writing styles. They are legitimately funny and charming. I think what I like the most about this blog is it’s not just about specs and gear and tips and tricks – though every now and then you get a bit of that – but it’s actually about playing the game. They have alts, and failpugs, and a Dwarven Gentleman’s Club! What’s not to love?!

I heartily recommend the entire blog, but here are a few posts I found particularly poignant or funny:

  • the healer’s dilemma
    • In this post, Tamarind talks about the conflict between doing your job exclusively and not picking up slack for another player, potentially at the cost of the group as a whole; or picking up said slack, potentially at the cost of your own sanity, reputation, and enjoyment. It’s a sticky subject – one I struggle with even as a tank and a raid leader – and Tamarind explores it honestly and gracefully, without passing judgment one way or another.
  • i think i’ve caught whine flu
    • Visual representations of the healing rhythms of the various tanks = fuck yes. They actually kind of make sense to me even though I’ve never healed seriously, because I’ve tanked as all those classes and I’m aware of the way the heals come in.
  • Just lie back and think of Azeroth
    • We are currently struggling with this attitude with some of our guildies and raid members, never mind PuGs, and it made me feel slightly less crazy all around to read a similar view point to my own on the subject.

The other blog I am currently trying to eat through the archives of is Casual Hardcore. I actually found this one when we were trying to come up with names for our own blog; we briefly considered “Hardcore Casuals” as a name, but a quick Google search turned up Kyrilean’s blog and we briefly cursed his name for getting there first – then I started reading the blog, and all was forgiven!

I haven’t gotten very far back yet, but some of my favourites so far:

  • LF…Common Courtesy
    • OMG I feel it…
  • Ever the Vigilant
    • Speaking as a warrior – and I believe I’ve made my opinion on the matter clear in a previous post – I could not agree more.
  • We Did It!
    • First off, a big congrats for downing Anub 25! And his points about being a PuG in a guild raid are both interesting and worth noting. Far too often they are ignored and it’s a situation with its own (semi-)unique set of etiquette.

There are so many blogs out there to read, and despite the rather daunting prospect of trying to read them all, I am a stubborn, foolish little girl when I want to be and I fully intend to at least make a dent in them. Let’s call it a New Year’s Resolution! It’s much more fun than PuGging, as the bloggers seem to be largely intelligent, thoughtful people, with measured, or at least well-worded opinions (the heaping helpings of sarcasm don’t hurt either!), as opposed to…you know…a PuG.

I will end with this completely unsubstantiated, entirely anecdotal observation: why are there so many blogs about trees and being trees and doing tree-stuff, and yet I never wind up with a tree as my healer when I PuG? Where are you people hiding?