Guys! You guys! Oh my God!

Okay, so long story short we had the best PUG ever last night (sure we only had to fill two DPS slots, but these guys were wicked!). I will talk more about that next week when I’m not typing up a post on my iPhone on a hurky-jerky bus (I can barely read what I’m writing except at stoplights). It’s actually a boring story outside the fact it never happens!

Anyway, as a result of this PUG, and the actual source of my excitement right now, I have learned a new way to tank hHoR (my least favourite, worst-performance instance on my warrior) – and it works! Mostly. I still hate the instance more than I hate bad PuGs, and with said bad PuG, no strategy in the world is going to get me through it. But with a good, or even moderate group it makes it so much easier.

I’m probably going to sound like a big tool for this, as I imagine you’ve all known about it for ages, but we didn’t (even our pugs had never done it, only heard about it). It comes down to this:

Fuck the alcoves. Fuck them hard.

Come in far enough that you’re not going to get locked out when the door shuts, then stay there. Backline hugs the door, melée wait with them until the mobs come, tank stands up front, at the edge of the room beyond.

All the Mage said was: “I’ve heard some warriors say they prefer to tank them here.”

And I went: “Oooooooooohhhh!” in an excited way, because benefits were obvious immediately. To me anyway. To the point where I couldn’t understand why we’d never tried it before.

  1. The tank can actually see the whole room and pinpoint mobs as they spawn. You’ve even got time, if you’re quick, to mark a priest or two.
  2. Everyone in the party can see. I’m not staring at a solid wall of ghost crotch, unable to see what the rifleman and Mage are doing and to whom, my nameplates are visible, and I can actually see if there’s bad on the floor. The ranged are able to actually select mobs to fire on.
  3. There’s space between party members and mobs. If there is bad on the floor, there’s room to move. CC (ha ha!) is less likely to be broken. I have room to move and charge and shockwave.
  4. You can still use the walls to LoS the mages if you need to (just hug them).

Seriously. It was the most manageable, least stressful time I’ve ever had in there. I still lost the odd mob, but was able to react instantly and get it back – something I can’t do in the alcoves. It made it almost okay. We were with an excellent group and I actually had fun.


In hHoR.

You don’t understand how impossible that statement is.

If you’ve tried this strat before, please let me know how it went for you. If you haven’t, give it a shot and THEN let me know. I’m so curious.