I was over at Fulguralis’ blog reading the latest posts there a few days ago and I randomly wound up getting the warm & fuzzies.  Because of Valentine’s Day, there’s been an appreciable number of posts to do with gaming couples and I guess I’m just charmed to see it out there.  Ful and Fuu are particularly amusing for me because, as a couple, they share a few similarities with me and my own significant other.  Seems ‘locks and pallies fall in love, what can I say?

I have a unique place in my heart for gaming couples.  Maybe it’s just that I think they’re a ‘hip’ twist on an old stereotype, but I really think there’s value in sharing the gaming experience with one’s better half.  Like any other cooperative activity, you stand to learn things about each other in the process.  It can even help develop certain aspects of your relationship, like communication, patience, and compromise.  Big words, but every drop in the pot matters, right?  You have to take what opportunities you get in that respect, so if you and your sweetie are lucky enough to both enjoy games, it would be a waste to keep that part of your lives totally separate!

There’s nothing quite like partnership IRL and that absolutely carries over in-game.  It’s like running around with a buff on that grants you (as a player) additional courage, purpose, and tolerance.  Discovering new content is more exciting, wiping isn’t so frustrating, queue wait times aren’t so onerous, getting drops is more rewarding — and that’s just a few of the bonuses that come to mind.  This is especially evident in raiding (I find, anyway); I’ve PuGged a few raids and the whole damn thing just seemed…hollow, I suppose you could say, by comparison.  It felt more like what it is in essence (a glorified loot machine) than what it should be in spirit (an experience through which I derive entertainment).

The same thing could technically be said of bringing friends into the gaming environment, but bringing your mate is kicking it up a notch.  It adds into the mix that additional brand of comfort that only the two of you share.

I know there are plenty of WoW-couples out there, but it’s always a curious pleasure to find a new one.  Maybe I’m weird like this, but interacting with another duo makes whatever it is we’re doing as a unit feel safer, more positive, and less alien.  The whole engagement just feels different.  It’s lighter, more fun.  Maybe it’s because it legitimizes my chosen passtime?  Like, as something that full grown adults with ‘normal’ lives actually do?  Huh.  Perhaps.  Maybe it’s just a case of me wanting to be with people that are in the same situation as me (which would make sense).

It’s just nice to know that games are another place where couples can and do (more and more) move about.  It’s nice to know that while my behbeh’s in Blade’s Edge at some point this weekend (probably while I’m in the shower, so I don’t have to waste my ‘precious’ time) grinding ogres for a rare drop I’ve been talking about since BC, someone’s else’s behbeh is hard at work achieving some equally inane goal for their AFK sweetheart…and that that’s OK.