With my DK inching ever closer to 80, I’ve been doing some serious thinking.  I run a Blood/Unholy spec and have been levelling with extreme ease, and I always assumed I’d be DPSing my way into heroics & beyond…but, as I take a closer look at what the class has to offer, I realize that I’m no longer so sure DPSing’s what I want to do at 80.

I want to tank.  Yeah — for real.

I find the DK versatile overall, but for some reason it seems particularly attractive as a tanking class.  I’ve played a couple other tanking classes to varying degrees (pre-60 and past-70) and gave them thought to try to figure out what I like and don’t quite like about each; the conclusion I came to is that I like options.  I like having a good toolbox I can plunge my hand into when shit hits the fan.  I like knowing that I can react in a situationally appropriate manner. 

From what I can tell, I think the DK can do that.

But I’m not there yet.  I have a tanking ‘set’ (i.e. 3 greens and an old trinket, yay — PuGs are gonna ditch like mad when the random hooks them up with me!) saved up in my bank and am hungrily eyeing my XP bar as it climbs towards the-point-where-I-no-longer-have-to-log-in-an-inn, but I have no experience.  I’ll be surfing the net to find info in the next couple days, that’s for sure. 

Any folks who’ve DK tanked before have any spec suggestions, rotation ideas, or general advice to offer?  I’d love to hear it, as it’s all golden at this point!