Sooooo…I’ve been playing French WoW when I get the chance for the last week (which has been a grand total of…twice, between normal raiding schedule in English WoW and the rest of what has been (if the lack of posts on Thurs/Fri was any indication) quite the, um, week). And I was thinking to myself, hey! If I play today, maybe I’ll have enough things to talk about in a blog post.

So I reinstall the trial version for the third time (loading up my full version of English WoW deletes the trial version from my computer, so I have to redownload every time), and get the following message:



So I go and find a francophone to translate for me, since I’d rather know exactly what I’m dealing with instead of some poorly transliterated version of the error message.

The loader needs write access to the path C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft Trial\ in order to update the game. Please authorize write access to this path using an adminstrator account.

Which makes me wonder…why did it work twice, and break the third time? I’ve tried redownloading/installing a few times. I’ll go google it for a bit to see if I can find a workaround.

In the meantime the question becomes:

Are the two, brief times I played it (Ding! Level Five! Oh, sorry. Niveau Cinq!) enough to convince me to invest in the full version of the French game and sign up for my account…

I more or less had myself talked into it in my earlier post, so perhaps that’s actually the simplest way around it.

Plus…it is kind of irritating to have to constantly redownload the trial…

I will leave you with this thought while I go google my foreign error message:

“Cloth” (as in armour) is translated in French as “Tissu”, which just goes to prove what most of us have always known: clothies are made of Kleenex!