Today, in hHoR, a healer accused me of having too little health.

~35K unbuffed. 40K+ with buffs. Enough to MT everything up to ToC so far, to say nothing of hHoR on multiple other occasions.

I think the larger reason I died would be that – looking at Recount – I wasn’t actually getting heals. All my death graphs were such nice, gentle slopes, lasting for many seconds between spikes upward, assuming any were shown.

Perhaps she had the wrong gnome targeted. There were two or three of us in the party. It can’t have been her. She’s run it like a million times on all her other 80s, as she hastily assured us when I asked if anyone wanted/needed the strats explained. That would explain why she felt it prudent to wipe us all on the first trash group by standing opposite the party and dying in two hits. “To avoid the fire,” she says. Still can’t figure out why she wouldn’t heal me when she was up, though.

But, no, she’s probably right. Gotta be my health.