I had a longer post written up regarding some guild drama, but in the end (and after discussing with layteknight) I have decided not to post it. At least not today!

Instead, I give you a mercifully short addendum to yesterday’s post, because I apparently suck beyond all belief and actually forgot several important notes for highbies boosting lower level characters through instances:

  • Do be aware of any AoE that may be happening (whirlwind, arcane explosion, etc.). This is very likely to tear through your lowbie like a Kleenex, so make sure you’re killing them out of range of your lowbie.
  • Do be quick to notice if it’s your lowbie that gets CC’ed. While they’re wailing on your impenetrable backside is not a good time to drop a death and decay or start swiping willy nilly.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of various forms of the mob’s CC and aggro resetting – there are some mechanics in the game that care not a whit for your level or gearscore. Incapacitates (sap, some stuns, sleep) cause mobs to temporarily ignore the highest person on the threat list and give some TLC to the second highest (i.e., your lowbie). Mind Control means a T9 wearing, level 80, raging monster of death goes ripping down on your lowbie (with the mobs in tow). If you thought AoE could rip through him or her like Kleenex…for you it’ll be more like soggy Kleenex. Aggro resets or intercepts (random charges on other party members) can also cause instantaneous death, especially if you’ve pulled a large group.
  • If you’re a lowbie and your highbie randomly turns red and starts running straight at you, do pop every defensive cooldown you have and run like a bitch.

As an aside, if you have trouble keeping track of your lowbies, add-ons that show you the status of your party (like Healbot, etc.) can be a quick way to make sure they’re not under some kind of effect that requires a change of plans on your part.