I’ve been struggling to find a good subject for my first post but I keep coming back to this one.  While in a party or raid I often try and keep the peace; I don’t like pointing fingers when we wipe because I feel we wipe as a group.  I also don’t like people who point fingers.

I’d like to take a moment to express my irritation, as a healer, at having to constantly heal the same people on the same fights because for some reason they can’t seem to get out of different AoE damage effects.  I can understand trying a fight a few times before getting the hang of it.  That’s fine.  There are some people, though, who always, ultimately, fall back on the same excuses.


Do you have spell effects on?  I know that they can be costly to the video performance but if you really want to raid then perhaps you should look into getting a better video card.

Do you have too many add ons?  Turn a couple off.  There seem to be millions of add ons but I don’t think you’ll need them all on during raiding. Try turning a few off.

Do you have tunnel vision?  Maybe you should learn how to multi task a little bit.  Some people, and this one bugs me, get so obsessed over some add ons that they can’t seem to see anything else.  You will need to spend some time looking at the other stuff that’s going on in the environment.  I don’t care what role you’re filling.  Take a look at what’s going on around you.

Luckily these issues are all solvable with a little work.  Unfortunately not all issues can be solved through mechanics.  Every now and then you just run into someone stubborn.  Normally this is some over-obsessive DPS such as the argument below that I’ve had on more than one occasion.


Please don’t tell me that you can survive through it so you won’t move.  I don’t think your job is to decide on what incoming damage should look like.  I’m pretty sure that is my job.

For those who want to see the basic responsibilities list as I see it, here you go:

Tank = Threat
Healer = Incoming Damage
DPS = Outgoing Damage

Just remember that.  I take care of incoming damage and just because you can survive some damage doesn’t mean you should just stand there and take it.  There are a few other things going on and I’m looking at the big picture.  If I heal you there are three problems:

a) I lose mana that I didn’t have to spend.
b) I increase my chance of OOMing.
c) If someone else needs heals suddenly (like a tank or healer) I may miss them.

The next thing I usually hear is don’t worry about healing me during that AoE.  Don’t even suggest this.  It doesn’t make sense in any context of the game.

a) How does this help the raid?
I will need to heal you since it is often easiest for the whole raid if all the DPS are alive and contributing (this is a team sport my friend).

b) Do you even need a healer?
If I’m not healing people who take damage then I might as well be useless.

c) What if everyone started doing this?
Then all three points from the previous section would exist guaranteed.

d) What makes you so special?

The best part is the explanation as to why you didn’t move.  You were just trying to make the Emalon fight end sooner.  What am I supposed to say?  I know why you don’t want to get out of Emalon’s burst….it must be something to do with DPS being competitive.  So you don’t like the fact that the range get to keep fighting through the burst and you have to run out.  You think somehow this will give them an advantage in DPS.  Now you understand that DPS stands for Damage Per Second.  That means if you are running away and not causing damage then your DPS stays still.  I’m pretty sure you DPS are all spamming your DPS and not damage done…that is to say your Damage Per Second and not total damage done. As for the actual argument, don’t tell me that your 3000 DPS (and I’ll be generous here) is going to keep us under the enrage timer.  Let’s just examine this for a second.  Emalon probably has about 1.5 million health (I’m too lazy to check right now).  And it takes about 4 seconds to run out and come back…we’ll stretch it to 6 just to be safe.  That means you are telling me that the 18,000 damage you would do in that time is going to make or break the fight.  With 6 competent DPS this is a mere second of work.  Give me a break.  Just play the encounter the way Blizzard intended it to be fought and run out of the burst.

Okay…I think I’m good now, but this leads into another subject that I’ll save for later: don’t break the game!