So, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t raiding a cooperative endeavour? Is it not an activity undertaken by a team of people, requiring each member to fulfill a given role in support of the team as a whole? Am I incorrect in assuming that this game is a team sport?

For what is essentially a set of goals achieved cooperatively by ten people, I sure see an awful lot of “OMG I’m so awesome” going on.

Why do the DPS never congratulate each other? Inevitably, the person who spams Recount – despite the fact everyone in the raid invariably has Recount – is the person who’s at the top. Interestingly, the combination of Damage Done/DPS and Overall/Last Fight they spam depends entirely on which shows them at the top. Always followed by a comment to the effect of: “OMG I’m so awesome”.

Why is it never spammed by anyone lower? Why does no one say, “hey, so-and-so, good shit on your DPS! That’s awesome man!” Or how about, “hey, generic-new-guy, you’re DPS is really improving! What did you change up?”

They also don’t say, “hey tank, thanks for the quick taunting when my soul shatter was on CD.” Or “hey heals, thanks for not ignoring me even though I was totally standing in the fire.”

Nope. Just “OMG I’m awesome.”

How about the tanks? Every played with a tank who takes credit for the success of a raid, regardless of how many other people contributed to it (note they never take credit for fails)? Everything the raid group achieves, was achieved through the sole grace of having that guy for your tank. He’s just so awesome. All things are made awesome by proximity to him. Without him, you’d never have been able to do it. Never.

Never does this guy tell the OT, “hey man, good job on those adds. Nice catch.” Never does he say, “Hey, heals, good shit on keeping me up! I thought I was a goner there at one point!” Never does he say, “Nice deeps, peeps. Quick fight.”

Nope. Just “OMG I’m awesome.”

And then there’s the healers. The one’s who give you the general impression that they are single-handedly responsible for nobody dying, irrespective of the tank’s gear and skill, the DPS focus and concentration, the other healers’ presence and aid, or general raid positioning. Stand in the fire all you want, boys. They got you. They’re so imba.

Not a whisper of, “thanks for popping your CDs so quick when I OOMed”. No, “hey DPS, thanks for blowing a GCD on cleansing for me. Really helped me out there.” Not even a, “hey, other-heals, good shit on catching the tank for me! Fucking fire meant I had to stop casting, you know what that’s like.”

Nope. Just “OMG I’m awesome.”

You sure are.

Take the Aggro Management Challenge:

Go an entire raid night without patting yourself on the back even once, or giving backhanded compliments that are more about you than the person you’re “complimenting”. Every time you get the urge to say anything remotely equivalent to “OMG I’m awesome”, pick someone in your raid and give them a legitimate compliment instead. Find something they did and did well (something that goes beyond the obvious – yes the healers healed you. That’s their job. Don’t be patronizing) and tell them so. Notice your raid members, and what they’re contributing to your own success, instead of the other way around.