Dear Santa;

First off, I want to thank you for bringing me Wrath of the Lich King around this time last year. It was, in my humble opinion, a much better expansion than the Burning Crusade, and Blizz seemed to get a better handle on what they wanted and what we wanted. I will forever remember it as the expansion that got me into raiding, and as much pain as that brought me in my worst moments, it’s brought a lot of fun and triumph and gear too, so, raiding and me…we’re even, I guess.

I have to admit, I haven’t been as well behaved this year as I could have been. I know there were a few things I took too personally and reacted poorly to. I’ve played a part in my fair share of drama, but I like to think I’ve made what amends I could and apologized to those who needed it. I will endeavour to step back a little further before letting myself get too involved next time.

But that isn’t to say I’ve done nothing worthwhile! I’ve taken all four tanking classes into Northrend, and have actually raided with two of them. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into learning my classes and how to tank at my personal best with all of them. I’ve kept a lot of people who deserve to live alive, and I’ve saved the asses of a few who didn’t. I’ve kept my screaming and shouting and general tantrums off of Vent (with deepest apologies to layteknight and SaveTheFails, who have to listen to me anyway). I have not given up on our newbs and have managed to stay focused on the positive aspect of giving a few people who wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to experience raiding a chance to do so, instead of on their strange reluctance to, I don’t know, learn their class.

Every single one of my characters has provided gear, inscriptions, and raw mats to guildies and friends free of charge as long as I had the mats on me (and even in a few cases where I didn’t!). I work with Layteknight to keep the guild bank clean and organized. I look up the strats for new boss fights – whether it be heroics or raids – and make sure that I can break a fight down for all three roles so everyone knows what they’re doing.

So for all my fail this year, hopefully there’s enough win in there to merit a gift or two left under the tree(-druid)!

Just in case you agree, here’s a list of things that would make me extraordinarily happy:

  1. Extra Alt Slots Per Server: Even like…five more. Just five. Let me server transfer some of my high level alts back. It’s been so long since I last saw the Create New Character Button…I miss it, but I can’t bring myself to delete anybody. I love them all equally! Even my little level 5 warrior!
  2. A Cataclysm Beta Key: Please oh please oh please oh please oh please.
  4. Gift Cards for Server Transfers, Recustomizations, Faction Changes, Race Changes, and Name Changes: I am a self-confessed altoholic. So are many of the people I play with. I have spent more on these services in the last year than is probably healthy, and so have they. These things would make the perfect gifts for so many of my friends it’s not even funny. Please, give me the gift of giving. Let me buy these things for people.
  5. Something really nice for layteknight and SaveTheFails: See below.

Layteknight and SaveTheFails are the two biggest reasons I didn’t quit WoW a long time ago. They’re the sole reason I came back to raiding, and they’re almost the only reason I enjoy it – that’s not quite accurate. More like, whatever enjoyment I get out of the activity would be rendered null and void if I was not doing it with them.

For all the three-manned instances (many of them at level!), for all the group quests, for all the ranting and raging and frothing at the mouth (and for not leaving me to do it alone!). For sticking with me through horrible PuGs, for standing by me, even if I’m overreacting, for standing up for me against others. For healing and DPSing and working out new and better strats with me. For being competent and skilled and making up for the amazing amount of fail that comes with the territory in this game. For being humble enough to admit mistakes, prideful enough to fix them, and neutral enough to actually analyze a wipe accurately.

I’ve always been able to count on these two – in game and out – and I have no words for what their time, patience, and friendship means to me. They really deserve something nice for Christmas this year (probably more than I do!).

For Layteknight, maybe you could leave an effective OT under the tree – one she likes and gets along with and that can, I don’t know, generate threat, maybe. Though that’s sort of a selfish request, as it would make my life a lot easier too. How about a break from the constant political maneuvering required to keep everyone in our guild and our raid happy, humming, and content. Maybe for just a day our guild/raid could care about doing the same for her.

For SaveTheFails, more three-manning, less failbags standing in fire, and a shiny set of honestly earned, appropriately geared achievements. Maybe less having to convince me to put down the gun during particularly bad PuGs or raid nights. He never complains, but I’m sure he’d appreciate it! Oh! And a Priest at level 80. The only missing jewel in his Healing Crown.

In closing, I leave you with this final point to consider when you’re handing out presents: even if I haven’t been as well behaved as I could have been this year, I’m not a rogue or a hunter, so that’s gotta be worth something, amirite?

Yours truly,

The Front Line
Somewhere in Ulduar
Getting my Ass Kicked Again