Dear Stabbinjoo, Nitstaker, Gnomekilr, and others of their ilk;

Tricks of the Trade does not help me tank. It is not required for me to hold aggro and generate threat. Specifically, it helps you DPS by providing a failsafe against your own idiocy prompting you and your “ubr deeps” from overtaking my threat (the thought of which is honestly laughable. I’m not worried).

What does help me tank is a Kill Order. More specifically, people following it. More specifically, you following it. Also, letting me hit a mob before you do. Oh! How about letting me drop a thunderclap before you go insane with fan of knives? Your DPS won’t suffer for the three second delay, I promise.

With hatred and bile,


P.S., To the rogue from Halls of Reflection yesterday morning: If you hadn’t been busy trying to “off tank” two witch doctors and three ghouls out of range of my taunt and charge, thus allowing the healer to pick up aggro, I wouldn’t have had to turn the abomination around, and you wouldn’t have died. I’m not sorry and I hope your repair bills bankrupted you.